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Welcome to AUM Wood Products

AUM Wood Products is a full service company offering design, construction, and installation of high quality custom cabinetry.  

In January of 2010, Matt Schiller became President of AUM Wood Products, a company he created under the direction of his uncle, Larry Schiller.
"It was a wonderful opportunity," said Matt, "To be able to work for my uncle (at Schiller Custom Cabinetry) and see firsthand the dedication, work ethic, and pride that went into manufacturing a superior product."  

AUM Wood Products continues to manufacture custom cabinetry and furniture in a style that SCC was reputable for producing.  The company has also continued to produce a Garage & Closet Line formally known as Logical Cabinetry Systems, and a creative gift-line has been developed as well.

So what sets AUM Wood Products apart from other custom cabinetry providers?

"I'd say it comes down to two things," says Schiller, "the first being experience.  We have an average of 18 years in the industry per employee.  And just as important, if not more, is thing number two, which is, our shared desire to provide an exceptional product at the best value possible.  That common thought process challenges us to continually think of how we can do what we do better and faster."

The majority of AUM Wood Products' work can be found in executive homes in the Twin Cities and Greater MN.  Often, products for these homes are "cutting edge" and require significant creativity and resources to craft.  The company promotes itself for its capability of creating such pieces of detail with a high level of finishing quality.  Its Garage & Closet Line is a knocked-down (ready to assemble) product that can be palletized and shipped across the country.  The new Gift-Line was developed as a way to reduce drops and fall-off pieces from previous projects.  Instead of scrap sitting in a landfill, works of art are created, in an effort to reduce uneccessary stress on the planet.  The company continues to explore other avenues in the woodworking field.

"We have and will always be open to new challenges.  I can say with no ego that we have the personnel, passion, and resources to take on almost any task, with confidence that it will end successfully."