The AUM ART Gift Line was inspired by an idea to utilize drops and fall-off pieces that accumulate from wooden cabinet and furniture production.  Instead of scrap sitting in a landfill, pieces of art are created, often displaying symbols of peace and oneness, in an effort to reduce unnecessary stress on the planet and our livelihood.  The product line is constantly changing and growing as we continue to invest our creative energies in our craft.  Below are some images and descriptions of AUM ART.

Om Plaques
Om - also seen as Ohm or Aum - represents the Divine and the Power of God. It is the "sound-symbol" often referred to as "The Sound of the Earth." The philosophy of AUM, in essence, is the signifier of the ultimate truth that all is one.
The plaques are available in either a round or octagon shape, a glass or metal insert can be placed behind the Om symbol cut-out, and a wooden stand is included.
Finger Labyrinths
The finger labyrinth is simply an "indoor" version of the more famous walking labyrinths. They are meant to be "walked" with a finger, tracing the circuits, preferably with the index finger of your non-dominant hand. To help alleviate stress, identify an issue that you wish to work on, bring it to the forefront of your consciousness, and start your journey into the labyrinth. With your eyes closed, trace the circuits, paying close attention to your intuitive self.
Peace Signs
We offer peace signs in a variety of sizes. The smallest, a 6" peace sign, comes with a powerful, rare earth magnet embedded in the back. The next size up is a 12" round. The 18" peace sign is large enough for an AUM engraving. The largest peace sign we make is an 8 footer. It is hinged down the center in order to make moving or storing the decoration easier.
No two items are alike as each are unique as the wood they're made of. Available in either plywood or solid lumber.
Solid Wood Yin Yangs
Our Yin Yangs are made of solid lumber, and are 12" round. We can make custom sizes as well. They can be displayed on a wooden stand or hung on a wall. They also make really cool table tops!
The concept of the Yin Yang symbol describes how polar opposites are interconnected and interdependent of each other. The Yin and Yang are two aspects of a single reality. They do not merely replace each other but actually become each other through the constant flow of the universe.
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Wooden peace sign
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wood yin-yang symbol
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