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Custom Cabinetry

Our Custom Cabinetry is known for its superior quality, excellent finish, and lasting durability.  It counts for the majority of the work that leaves our shop.  Below are some explanations of the materials, hardware, and construction methods we use to build our cabinets.  We're confident that our product will out shine the competition.


Picking out a wood species is one of the first steps to beginning a project.  We've had quite a range of species in our shop, from domestic hardwoods to exotic burl veneers.  We get our lumber and plywoods from several companies in MN, all who pride themselves on quality products and service.  Often, we are able to specify if a certain look is desired, then the materials can be hand selected to meet the goal.  A sample of the finished wood is always provided for approval before we turn a saw.  Our stock of materials varies with the demand, but typically we always have on hand oak, maple, alder (clear & rustic), cherry, mahogany, and paint grade materials.  

The interiors of our cabinets are typically made with either thermally fused melamine panels or a finished wood veneer.  The melamines come in a variety of colors, clean up easily, and can take a beating.  We offer "green" formaldehyde free panels as well.   

The finishing process is one of the most critical steps in cabinet making.  It's been said that you can make a poorly built cabinet look great with a good finish, and a well made cabinet look terrible with a poor finish.  We'd like to think we accomplish the good in all phases of construction.  A solid box with an excellent finish.  Quality through and through.


The word "standard" doesn't apply very often for a custom cabinet shop, however, it's relevent when talking about the hardware we use.  We prefer to put the industries best in our cabinets, when it comes to hinges (blum), slides (blum and KV), and accessories (Rev-a-Shelf).  All of our hardware carries a Lifetime Warranty.  We keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest hardware and are able to offer options for a wide range of budgets.  

Construction Methods

The majority of our cabinets are Euro Style or Frameless boxes, however, we also offer face-frame contruction with either overlay or inset doors and drawer fronts.  The cabinets are a true 5-sided box with a full top and a plant-on back, making them extremely solid and eliminating potential racking.  The cabinet boxes are assembled with confirmat screws, for a secure joint.  Face-Frames are glued and pocket screwed for a permanent bond.  Our typical drawer boxes are made with butt-joints using pre-glued dowel assembly with a 1/4" dadoed bottom.  All of the box parts are made from 3/4" thick material.  Since we're a full custom shop, we're able to tweak any step necessary in order to accomplish a certain look. 

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